About Teresa

Tax, Accounting and Business Consultant
Hi, I’m Teresa Hall, a CPA with tax, accounting, consulting, and business knowledge and experience. When I graduated “Cum Laude” from Texas A&M I wanted to be a business consultant in public accounting, but you don’t just get a job as a business consultant straight out of school. To be a business consultant requires gaining comprehensive tax, accounting, and business knowledge over time.

Over the years I’ve developed a wealth of working knowledge of all of these tax, accounting and business aspects, specializing in tax. I’ve gained extensive tax and accounting knowledge at public accounting firms, including “Big 4” Ernst & Young. I have hands-on accounting and financial reporting experience as a Controller. Plus I have the knowledge of being a successful business owner.

I work as a consultant at various public accounting firms, providing tax and accounting services for businesses and individuals. Each firm has a different client base with unique financial situations, presenting a continual opportunity to use my knowledge and skill set while meeting new challenges.

I hold an active Certified Public Accountant license in Texas and California. I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge, spending time in nature, hiking, biking, creating art, and playing the piano.